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Author Topic: 5/12/2019  (Read 351 times)

Travellin Dave

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Re: 5/12/2019
« Reply #45 on: May 12, 2019, 04:51:18 PM »

Time to ready for the brunch. 

Thankfully the storm has moved on across and starting to clear up.  Just some very light rain falling now.
Fabulous brunch, big selection of choices.  Some of the highlights included Beef Tenderloin, Grilled Salmon, Steamed Shrimp, Oysters on the Half Shell, Grilled Vegetables, Fresh Spring Mix Salad with goat cheese and balsamic dressing and pretty much any breakfast item you could think of.  Two outstanding items were a Squash & Shrimp Casserole and a Hash Brown Potato Casserole.  10 Desserts to choose from and I went with Creme Brle Cheesecake and it was certainly a fine choice.  Add to all that, it was all you can eat too.  Even better, it was at a private golf club and not crowded. But it still gets even better - IT WAS FREE!
WOW!free is good.
It's not really free. He had previously paid for it and was using some credits.
The Lawyer and his BIL hosted but given what we paid out for education to make him a lawyer  I guess your analysis is correct.
Precisely as expected. Sounds like a nice time anyway.
It was a great time, it is such a blessing having wonderful in-laws to enjoy holidays and other special days with.  Much easier on all the kids quality of life too.
In fact, this was really a great 3 day weekend for us.
Never a bad reason to celebrate family and friends.
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